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The patient should not experience pain from medical procedures. Neither you nor the dentist need this. The doctor will insure you from pain during therapy using modern safe anesthetics. Non-contact Icon therapy methods are also practiced, ask your doctor for more details. Don’t want to walk around with arsenic in your tooth? We do not use arsenic for devitalization during dental treatment.

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We fight the toughest conditions with the toughest resources.

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We will help you solve your problems regarding treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment and recovery without pain

Our patients are provided with pain relief and anesthesia not only during an appointment with a doctor. For each patient, an individual anesthesia program is developed for the duration of dental treatment and a pain management program for the entire period of rehabilitation after treatment and dental operations.

International medical practice

Our specialists have completed training at the Vienna School of Gnathology, with the founders of foreign and domestic dental gnathology. Many of our doctors received additional dental specialization in prestigious European educational institutions and trained abroad.

All doctors of the Center have several key specializations. Among us are candidates of medical sciences, scientists, teachers of medical universities, practitioners who train dentists throughout Russia and abroad.

Complex treatment system

A systematic approach is the philosophy of Our Dental Center. It is this idea that defines and organizes our work. Our doctors always view the body as a complex system where all parts are connected. A problem with your teeth may not be caused by poor hygiene, but may be hidden in completely different things that are not obvious at first glance. All doctors of the Dental Center have several key specializations, which allows us to compare those non-obvious nuances of health into a single system and treat not the effect, but the cause, eliminating dental problems forever.

The therapist works together with the orthopedist and orthodontist, not only bringing the condition of your teeth to perfection, but also achieving harmony in the functioning of the entire dental system.

Join the healthy revolution today.

Smile at the bright sun and the first snow, smile at a child taking his first steps and at an elderly person who has learned the wisdom of life, smile at friends and strangers. A beautiful smile is a sign of health and well-being. We do everything to make you smile!