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Why us?

Best practices

In treatment we use effective methods and technologies, confirmed by research and evidence-based medicine.

For the most demanding

Even the most demanding patients are satisfied with the level and quality of our treatment.


You can get guaranteed dental treatment at our dental clinic in Alanya, Türkiye.

The best doctors for you

3 doctors in 1 appointment

The therapist works together with the orthopedist and orthodontist, not only bringing the condition of your teeth to perfection, but also achieving harmony in the functioning of the entire dental system.

Treatment of caries

We perform 3D computed tomography of the dental system, which shows a detailed picture of each tooth.

After calculating the dose of anesthetic for you, the doctor carefully administers an anesthetic drug to ensure comfort.

The doctor insulates the tooth with a latex plate to protect it from moisture. Perfect insulation ensures the durability of the restoration.

Gentle removal of affected dental tissue using a microscope

Careful layer-by-layer application of filling material and polishing, taking into account the natural anatomy of the tooth.

Preserving your teeth is our main goal. We use all possible methods so as not to resort to extraction and prosthetics, but to leave your living tooth with you.

What our patients say:

I would like to sincerely thank the Healthy Teeth team for their professionalism. I especially want to highlight the clinic’s specialists for the high qualifications of their specialization, for their sensitive and attentive attitude towards clients. The work notes a high level of combination of dental health and beauty. I wish you success in your endeavors and not stop there. Well done!!!
Julia K.
I've been several time in this clinic for dental issue and it have been always perfect. No pain, good result and quick appointment. I highly recommend.
Friendly and patient doctor. She explained everything on the issue and suggested gathering a council of doctors who could be useful in my case. At the moment I am interested in continuing treatment with this specialist!
Ekaterina Trofimova

Join the healthy revolution today.

Smile at the bright sun and the first snow, smile at a child taking his first steps and at an elderly person who has learned the wisdom of life, smile at friends and strangers. A beautiful smile is a sign of health and well-being. We do everything to make you smile!