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Dentists at the Healthy Teeth clinic annually improve their skills at master classes from leading European specialists.

All about “All-on-4” prosthetic technology

In the modern world of dental medicine, methods of dental implantation and prosthetics are constantly being improved. One of the modern and progressive technologies in the field of dentistry is the “All-on-4” implantation method. Also known as “All on Four”. It offers a revolutionary approach to dental restoration. And its effectiveness and accessibility open up new opportunities for many patients.

1. Planning and diagnosis

The doctor collects the patient’s medical history, conducts an examination, analyzes the 3D image and, based on the data obtained, plans implantation and its possibility. You will receive a full consultation based on the 3D image.

Installation of 4-Screw Titanium Base

At the second appointment, the implants are directly installed; the implant surgeon calculates the inclination and installation location in advance, which allows the load of future teeth to be distributed evenly throughout the entire jaw. The ALL on 4 system is carried out only in the complete absence of all teeth, so if the patient has teeth left for extraction, extraction will be performed on the day of surgery in our clinic.

Installation of an adaptive prosthesis

After the surgical process, the next day, according to the protocol, the patient is fitted with an adaptive prosthesis to load the jaw. That is, in just two practical visits you will already get the smile of your dreams!

Replacing an adaptive prosthesis with a permanent one

The design is durable, visually indistinguishable from real teeth and functional. For its manufacture, a material pre-approved by the patient is used – metal-ceramics, metal-plastic, ceramics or zirconium dioxide.

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